Saturday, October 25, 2003


Since my students are pretty much beyond dolls, I had no idea about Bratz (and other similar dolls). I'm of two minds: On the one hand, as the article points out, they are much more ethnically diverse than most dolls out there, and no more anatomically unrealistic than Barbie. Plus, they're only toys - kids will out grow them with little permanent damage, especially if parents take a few minutes to talk frankly with their daughters about the dolls and body image. And, any girl who wants a doll like this has most likely already been exposed to the styles and sexiness that they embody - the rapid maturing of girls these days is hardly caused by toys like Bratz. On the other hand, oh my GOD! Take a look at these dolls! Where is their clothing?! How could take the risk that your under-17 daughter think this is appropriate or attractive???


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