Thursday, October 09, 2003


One of my students called me a few minutes ago. That, in itself, is not strange, since we gave our phone numbers to all of our students. I get a few calls per week, usually children asking for help with homework or their parents asking about quiz results or other issues.

Sixth graders don't have the greatest phone skills, as a demographic, so I frequently find myself prompting a caller, "To whom am I speaking...?" That's how this conversation started. Then she said, "Actually I don't need any help, I just called to say hi, and I've never called a teacher before." We chatted for a few minutes, about the afterschool program she was in last year, and how hard she's studying for her Social Studies test, and the TV, which was on loudly in the background. Then she put her one-year-old cousin on the phone... At that point I told her that I needed to go, but that I would see her tomorrow.

Dial-A-Teacher, incidentally, is a real phone service that NY provides for kids. The number is (212) 777-3380, for any kids or parents in NY that need homework help!


Blogger Anna said...

I think children fell more calm if they know that they can call to their teacher.

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it is awesome to let your student call u :-)

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