Thursday, November 20, 2003

At home

I stayed home sick today. I woke up, felt awful, convinced myself that getting up and ready would make me feel better, got up & ready, still felt awful, called in. Today is the best possible day to miss this week, since parent conferences are over, and tomorrow my principal is at a meeting all day at the Regional Office and Fridays are the one day we have no sub for our (new-mama) colleague. So here I am. I slept until an hour ago, then got up and made some tea and oatmeal. I think I will grade some papers, take a walk, and then I'm supposed to meet a friend for dinner, but I need to give her the option of avoiding my germy breath. *sigh* I'm getting a little sad, because if we were together, and he knew I was home sick, he'd call every few hours to make sure I'm okay. Today I'm pretty much on my own. *poor me*

Maybe I should rename this blog "Ms. Frizzle Feels Sorry for Herself."

Or "The Magic School Bus Inside the Amygdala."


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