Thursday, November 06, 2003

Today's Warm-up

Choose one of the ten questions that you brainstormed as possible Science Expo project questions. Write a paragraph describing how you would use an experiment to find the answer to your question.

I knew this warm-up (a change from our usual vocabulary warm-ups) would throw the kids for a loop, so I went over it with them and did a couple of examples out loud.

Ms. Frizzle: "Who wants to share a question they have that they think is really good?"

Jesus: "I have one! Why is a polar bear's fur clear?"

Ms. Frizzle: "Jesus... Where do polar bears live?"

Jesus: "Really, really, really cold places!!!"

Ms. Frizzle: "Do any polar bears live in New York City?"

Another Student: "No."

Ms. Frizzle: "So, do you think a student at our school could do an experiment to answer Jesus's fascinating question about polar bears?"

Jesus: (suddenly grinning) "I guess not... but, did you know that a polar bear's fur really is clear!"

Ms. Frizzle: "Yes, it is a great fact and a great question, but not one that a sixth grader can answer by an experiment!"

Jesus: (practically jumping out of seat) "Yes, yes, polar bears DO live in New York!! There are polar bears in the zoo!"

Ms. Frizzle: "Okay, okay, you're right. But I'm pretty sure the zoo is not going to let you do experiments on their polar bears..."


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