Tuesday, January 20, 2004


I have been having trouble getting the forms filled out for my pay differential for my master's degree... I am well-educated, intelligent, and responsible, but I have a major mental block against filling out forms correctly. The more important they are, the greater the chance that I make some kind of easy mistake. Particulary if the Dept. of Education is involved. I think that getting screamed at the first time I turned in a form was probably at the root of this mental block.....

Anyway, a colleague & friend has been having the same problem (only worse), so today we resolved to Just Do It. We got our forms together, raced out of school the minute the kids left, and drove down to Brooklyn to 65 Court St. This address has to be near the top of famous and formidable addresses in NYC, if not the US: The NYC Board of Education.

Once we got there, it turned out to be super easy (You have nothing to fear but fear itself...) and the woman in charge was friendly, did not scream at us, and gave us a booklet with tips for next time. We drove back to Manhattan and went out for dinner & a drink to celebrate!

This must have been good karma, 'cause when I got home, there in my mailbox is my provisional certificate from the state! I am now soooo close to being a Real Teacher.


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