Thursday, January 29, 2004

He loves me, though we only met yesterday.

I'm currently sharing my apartment with a 1/3 fluffy white fur, 1/3 blissed-out purr, 1/3 catnip junkie named Miles. His person is my roommate's brother, who will soon drive back to Chicago with Miles, ending our brief relationship (don't misconstrue the "our" in that sentence; I am refering to the cat).

Miles is extra-friendly, like no cat I have previously met. Yesterday night, he sat next to me, purring his little head off, while I graded papers. Today, he has jumped up on my bed and is purring, rubbing his head against me, and batting me with his claws. I think he is more than a little jealous of my computer for the attention I am lavishing upon it right now....

Last night, he jumped up on the kitchen table while I was out of the room. I came back in, shooed him away, and figured he was just exploring. This morning, however, I realized the true attraction of the kitchen table: the little parcel of catnip that Miles's person bought yesterday. Miles knows enough or has enough of a nose to trace that weed straight to the top of the table. I found the bag on the floor under the table this morning, catnip scattered everywhere. For a few minutes, I imagined Miles lying in a stupor somewhere in the apartment... then he strolled out into the room, slipped under the table, and rolled around in the 'nip for a few minutes.

O you are such a junkie, Miles.


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