Monday, March 08, 2004

From the homework files...

Got the chance to look over some of the kids' science expo weekly journals. These are worksheets where they record each day what they did on their project that day; what their partner did that day; any successes, problems or questions; and their goals for the next day. This is a way to ensure a little accountability and provide some smaller grades through the month instead of just waiting until they turn in their final projects and giving them one big grade.

The kids were refreshingly honest:

"What I did today: Almost nothing - I did a worksheet Mr. Math Teacher gave us for homework." (I was concerned that I had not noticed this, until I realized later that was her entry for the day I was absent).

"What my partner did today: She was bossy. Very, very bossy."

Her partner's entry for the same day?

"Successes, problems, questions? My partner got an attitude!"

And one more, which we can all relate to:

"Successes, problems, questions? Too much pop-ups and useless web information!"


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