Sunday, March 21, 2004

How do you like this?

I decided to file my taxes today, using TurboTax. I finished everything - all questions, all bank account info, all electronic signature info - and then the service informed me that I cannot file on-line. Why? Because my W-2's do not contain a street address for my employer. All it says is "City of New York / New York, NY 10007" and for that reason, I might have to do the whole darn thing by hand. Grr. I have searched high and low on the web, called 311 (the city's general purpose helpline), and nothing turns up to help me solve this problem. Clearly, I am not the only public employee in NYC who wants to file electronically! So where the heck is the simple solution that I know must exist?

These are the options I've thought of so far:
  • Enter "none given" and hope it tricks Turbo Tax into filing.
  • Find the address for City Hall and enter that, and hope that doesn't trigger some kind of rejection by the IRS since it will not match my W-2.
  • File by hand.
  • Call a few more places for help. This makes the most sense, but I was really hoping to file today. The Turbo Tax prices might go up after tomorrow!

What to do?


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