Sunday, June 20, 2004


Clearwater: a beautiful day of music and sunshine. A laid back chance to catch up with my brother. For the first time in the three years that I've gone, it did not rain. They lost so much money last year due to rain that they nearly canceled the festival this year, but everyone pulled together to make it happen and it has been a smashing success so far! Dar Williams performed for the first time in 6 months - she took a break to have a baby. Her set started off a little shaky but in the end it was a nice set. I really enjoyed Sol y Canto, who sing songs from all over Latin America, fun bop-able stuff, and in Spanish so clear even I could understand a lot of it.

After the festival, we met up with J. & M. in Harlem and sat in their garden drinking Chilean wine, swapping travel stories, and just chatting. They taught me to climb the side of their brownstone, which was so cool that I nearly went to New Paltz to go climbing with them today. Sooo many of my friends are rock climbers, I am not sure how I managed to live this long without ever having tried it... I suspect that is going to change this summer. Last night we ended up blasting music and dancing like crazy in their living room, just the four of us.

Suffice to say, I'm a bit hungover this morning. Woke up late and tried to call to say they should leave without me, then discovered that I left my phone at their place! Put my brother on a train and came home to figure out what to do today. I SHOULD do laundry, finish my grading, fill out sixth grade report cards, and plan a few labs for next week. I have a weekend ticket to the festival, though, and I would really like to see Ani and get a little more sun. Also, I could use some time by myself for contemplation, and I realized yesterday lying on the grass feeling music roll over me that Clearwater could give me that time. However, I feel a little anchorless without my phone. I feel like I should stay put without it. I can get it from J. tonight or tomorrow at school, but until then I'm on my own.


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