Saturday, July 31, 2004

The List

  • Clean up computer of viruses (and spy programs?)
  • Back up everything
  • Defragment
  • Move pictures & files off laptop onto desktop
  • Organize SF pictures
  • Upload my cousin's wedding pictures to SnapFish
  • Buy smaller desk and larger bookshelf
  • Clean closet
  • Go to Pearl Paint for arts & crafts supplies to continue making projects inspired by Teacher Institute and also to get back into jewelry making
  • Experiment with Digital Video
  • Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty
  • Fringe Festival
  • Lincoln Center Out of Doors
  • Movies in parks/piers
  • Summerstage
  • Find guitar teacher
  • Find a yoga studio that I like, on my commute from work, with classes at my level at good times for my teaching schedule, for not too much money
  • Bowery Poetry Club, etc.
  • Rollerblade
  • Appalachian Trail
  • Hall of Science
  • Liberty Science Center
  • Explore neighborhoods I haven't been to very often, like Astoria
  • Shakespeare in the Park and Shakespeare in the Parking Lot
  • Buy running shoes
  • Run
  • Plan Blackout Party (bring candles, board games, and whatever's in your fridge)
  • Read read read - Middlesex, the new Brian Greene, A Home at the End of the World (before the movie comes out), Island of the Day Before
  • RNC?
  • Coney Island?
  • Contact new teachers + other science teachers I know are working in NYC to see if they want to get together to talk about planning for next year...
  • Reflect on past year to prepare for meeting of returning staff

Yes, this is how I relax.


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