Monday, August 30, 2004

Keepin' It Real

Hipteacher and posthipchick and class is in session all have excellent posts on the joys and challenges of the first few weeks of school.

I think you can tell who is going to make it in teaching, because they are the ones who sneak hope into their most negative posts. I see this when Miss Teacher writes,

"and another that has bought the line that they are stupid so they don't try to do anything but get away with murder. i swear i will have them reading and writing by the end of the year. or i'll die trying. it's a deadheat right now."

And I see it throughout hipteacher's writing, for example,

"I really enjoy the "bad" kids. They are often pains to have in class and disrupt learning every five seconds, but I really like them--even the ones who want to grow up to be pimps."

Good luck to all the new and returning teachers out there!


Blogger alia said...

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