Monday, October 25, 2004

Updates, Updates

On my CSA: A good disguise for greens - and a quick yet reasonably healthy meal - is to lightly steam or saute the greens, then make Annie's (or similar brand) mac & cheese, layer them in a casserole dish (or pie pan, in my case), sprinkle the top with breadcrumbs, and bake until the top is golden & crispy.

Applesauce is easy to make, comes out great, and uses lots of apples.

One can only eat so much pumpkin/squash soup in a month.

On the Fulbright: I mailed the last piece of my application - the administrative approval form - this weekend. It took me a long time to figure out just who was authorized to sign it. I was working with a woman from my union, a woman from central board, and my local instructional superintendent, and none of them had any idea who ought to sign it. In the end, my LIS signed the form, which approves a year-long paid leave of absence should I be accepted to the program. I met with him and with my principal on Friday to discuss the program. They are both concerned about the worst-case scenario, that the teacher coming from my exchange country may have serious trouble adjusting to the culture and language, or may come from a really different teaching background, or... I tried to reassure them that the person would be screened by the Fulbright program and would have to be someone motivated and intelligent! Of course, I understand their concerns -- if anything, because I face the same culture & language challenges in the country where I would be teaching!

My principal supported me because she says if she doesn't, I'll be unhappy, and if I'm unhappy, it will affect my working relationship with her. Fair enough, but I wish she were more enthusiastic about the Fulbright exchange itself. My LIS told us that he probably wouldn't support me if he were in her place; he also told me that if I were his daughter, he would be trying to talk me out of this because he doesn't believe Turkey is safe. I think he is genuine in his concern, but I have to admit being mildly annoyed because I just don't think he'd make that comment if I were 35 or male... *sigh*

Now it's out of my hands, at least until the interviews this winter. Cross your fingers for me!

On the Specialized High Schools Exam: The babies took the test on Saturday. One girl asked me what I'd be doing while they took the test. "Praying!" I said. She laughed & I laughed. "You're as ready as you can possibly be, and I'll be thinking of you." I think I was actually still asleep for most of the test, but I was definitely thinking of them when I woke up!

The kids came to school today feeling good about the test. In the words of another students, "Ms. Frizzle, you over-prepared us!" Of course, I'm pleased to hear that, but this is another one where all we can do is cross our fingers & wait.

On the Curse: The opera's not over 'til the fat lady sings, and the Red Sox have been known to lose the World Series in the last inning of Game 7. Nevertheless, I'm starting to wonder if I'll have to make good on my bet with my students and allow them to vote on a color for me to dye my hair. Thank goodness it's Halloween week. Somehow I also got conned into betting a batch of home-baked cookies... The sad thing is, I really haven't had time to watch any of the games. I saw some of the first game, although I was hanging out in a bar with a friend at the time and managed to miss seeing absolutely every run that scored. I am a terrible baseball fan!

And a discovery about eighth graders: When you ask whose parent might be willing to come with us on our field trip, 60 eyes slide to the left and right. It's no longer cool to have mom chaperone. I have been reduced to bribing my unemployed friends with promises of free museum admission.


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