Thursday, November 11, 2004

Cross Your Fingers

If you hear yelps of agony, you'll know I killed my harddrive.

After months and months of suffering not-so-silently, I decided Veteran's Day was the perfect opportunity to try to heal my computer's woes. I started by making a backup copy of all my documents on CD. Then I downloaded SpyBot S&D, which is currently scanning for Spyware. I suspect my computer is harboring a lot of spyware, yet so far the scan has turned up nothing. It still has 11,000 things to scan for, though. After I finish the scan, I'm going to defragment.

It's possible that these steps will return my computer to its former innocence and glory. I hope so.

Nevertheless, the machine is going on five years old - Methuselah, in computer-years - and I may need a new one before the year is up. I just hope I can hold out until spring, when I know whether I will be here in the US or teaching abroad next year.


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