Saturday, November 20, 2004

Going For It

I've decided to plan a conference.

Yes: I may be crazy.

I want to take the grief and anger that I sense in the liberals around me and try to find a way to focus it in positive political action.

I have no intention of creating another Bush-bashing event.

It will be mostly about domestic issues, not Iraq.

This is what I have done so far:

-Set up an organizing meeting for the afternoon of Dec. 5th at a cafe near my home (contact me: if you want to attend). I advertised this to politically-active friends, on craigslist NYC, and on the United for Peace & Justice events calendar.
-Set up an email account so that my regular inbox does not become clogged.
-Created a table listing tasks to be done, ideas that I have, and other thoughts.
-Made inquiries with one or two political organizations as to whether something of this nature is already being planned, and whether they would help me plan it if not.
-Thought a lot about the purpose of the conference and the tasks necessary to organize it.

It doesn't seem like that much effort to organize, if several people get involved. We need a location, a keynote speaker, people to speak on panels or lead workshops, publicity by email & flyers, a website for registration & publicity, food & drink for those who attend, and that's about it. Cookies & juice bought in bulk or donated from a local company would be cheap or free, most publicity can be done via email lists such as Activate, Not In Our Name, and UFPJ, and hopefully speakers will donate their time. The big question on my mind right now - which, when answered, will make the whole thing feel real - is where to hold the event? I know of some small places that would almost certainly let us use their space for free, but they might be too small. Larger places seem a bit harder to book, especially if we are trying to get the space donated. Hopefully, when we have our first planning meeting, lots of people will show up and we can split up these tasks.


Blogger Chris C. said...

Inspiring - i hope this works out.

Sometimes conferences feel more productive if there's a particular theme or idea each speaker addresses. Then again, sometimes everyone just ends up ignoring the theme and that's fine too if they're interesting people to listen to.

9:28 AM  
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