Sunday, January 09, 2005

Evil Cold 2, Ms. Frizzle 0.5

Things I have tried that have made next to no difference in my health:

  • orange juice
  • golden seal & echinacea drops (cod liver oil for the new millennium)
  • skipping absolutely every commitment I possibly can (even one day of school) and just resting
  • sleeping... a LOT
  • Ricola echinacea honey-lemon cough drops (okay, these make me feel better, but only for about ten minutes)
  • Advil, aspirin, etc.
  • grapefruit slices
  • tea
  • soup, soup, and more soup
  • lying around on the couch watching movies and reading to the point where I hate movies and hate books and am bored out of my freakin' mind

I am so tired of coughing so hard that I give myself a headache. I am so tired of sitting around doing nothing - or so-called relaxing things - and being bored and not feeling even a little bit better as a result of all this rest. I haven't gotten any exercise because you can't do yoga when you have to stop breathing to cough every two minutes, and the weather's been too nasty for taking walks, even if walking didn't suck up the last dregs of my energy, which it does. That, combined with the absolutely nasty weather all week until today, plus a healthy dose of boredom, has made me so miserable and depressed that I want to cry every night before I go to bed and every morning when I wake up and my throat is STILL sore. Everyone I know is sick. It's like a TB ward around here, except TB would be preferable because we can actually TREAT TB and make it go away (well, usually).

I am not a good patient. And I am starting to go crazy.

I gave myself 0.5 because the sun came out today and my mood has improved slightly. Yes, this is a BETTER mood than the one I was in last night.


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