Sunday, January 23, 2005

Snowed in...

Being snowed in is a state of mind.

On Friday, when I heard about the coming storm, I fervently hoped to spend Saturday stuck at home with just the right people, doing basically nothing. And that is exactly what I did. Around 6 we ventured out to Benny's Burritos for dinner and strawberry daiquiris--what better for a snowy day?--and later to a nearby cafe for s'mores. The day ended with Sunset Boulevard: "I am big. It's the pictures that got small."

Today, brunch with friends. Then we trooped up to Central Park to see if we could find Christo & Jean-Claude, or at least some of their work. Alas, no sign of anything wrapped except the streets, in snow. It turns out we were too early; the gates will unfurl on February 12th. Lots of people with sleds. If it weren't for climate change and the lack of space in my apartment, I'd buy a sled.

Then home, dinner, grading fish projects. It turns out that the proper writing style for the "Design a Fish" project is roughly National Geographic meets film noir:

"I was in the Florida Keys when an ordinary day turned into anything but ordinary. ...I had been assigned to take pictures of marine life in the only coral reefs of North America. ... Well, I was sitting in my boat with a see-through floor when I observed a school of bluefish swimming by. I immediately grabbed my camera and net, jumped off the boat (as I was already in my scuba diving suit) and swam down. ... That's when I spotted the most beautiful yet strangest fish I had ever seen. It was no longer than 1 foot long and it swam incredibly fast. It caught up with the bluefish, which were no snails themselves, and ate them." -from an eighth grader's fish design project.

It's been a relaxing weekend. I've gotta say this, though: why waste a foot of snow on a weekend?


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