Saturday, February 26, 2005

The ball is rolling...

enough suspense: the Fulbright program has offered me an exchange in Finland, which I have ten days to accept or decline. My exchange partner and both of our schools also have to accept the exchange in order for it to happen, so things are definitely not for certain yet.

But I see now how quickly things are going to happen now: I was checking my email a few minutes ago, and I received an email from my possible exchange partner! The Fulbright program didn't include much information about her in the first mailing that I received - apparently details will be sent under separate cover. But she must know a little more about me because she emailed to introduce herself and to ask me to tell her more about my school and about life in NYC. This is SO exciting!

I must admit it is a bit puzzling trying to figure out how they got Finland from my choices of Turkey, Estonia, and the UK. Finland is quite close to Estonia, though, so maybe that was part of it. My main concern right at the moment is the seriously limited daylight they get during the winter. Since this depends on latitude, I am hoping that my partner turns out to be from southern Finland!

More later... I am a bit tired because I stayed out late listening to the Howard Fishman Quartet (who deserve MUCH more attention than they currently get).


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