Friday, April 29, 2005

Zen & the Art of 8 Weeks Left

Eight weeks.

The entire human body.

Genetics & evolution.

The frog dissection (because I promised we'd do it).

The ILS Exam, which, by the way, is in far, far less than 8 weeks.

Review for that exam, because they are not, sadly, in as good shape as I had hoped, based on the results of the practice test I gave before vacation.

A million graduation activities.

I am trying not to shake in fear: how in the name of... am I going to teach them everything they need to know both for the test and for bigger and better reasons like these are the things everyone should know and you'll need it later in your education and you want to know it you just don't know that yet?

Breathe in: you can only do your best.

Breathe out: this is the first time you've taught this subject, not technically, but the first time you taught it in this school where there is enough time and order to even consider finishing everything.

Breathe in: you've prepared them enough so that when they see the things you didn't get to, they'll be ready to learn them.

Breathe out: these are topics they will definitely see again.

Breathe in: back up a week from the exam date to account for lost days you don't even know about yet, then begin sketching in the things they need to know, then write a list of objectives, pick the most important ones, and start planning lessons... it will happen, somehow.

Breathe out: you are really, really gonna need that frog dissection when the sun is shining, the kids are sweating, the girls are begging their moms to let them skip class to get their hair done or buy a dress and the boys are daydreaming about the Yankees (and the boys want to get their hair done and the girls are daydreaming about the Yankees) and graduation is just days away and did I mention the sun coming in the window and the ice cream truck playing nursery rhymes on the sidewalk and summer and high school are so close the kids can almost touch them...

On the bright side, 8 weeks minus a dozen days for special events is really not a whole heck of a lot of planning to do (hours come sailing back into my vacation!).


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