Monday, May 16, 2005

My Solution

Okay, so this unit is appallingly short, it really doesn't do justice to the material at all. Live & learn; I can only do my best with the time we have left. Note that if the unit is going well, we will probably continue it for a couple of days after the test.

I present, the calendar. I did it in table form on my computer, but I have no idea how to reproduce a table in my blog.

May 16
Male reproductive system

May 17
Female reproductive system

May 18
Meiosis pt. 1 - go over the stages, show animations on LCD projector

May 19
Meiosis pt. 2 - model it in class - homework is meiosis comic strip

May 20
Introduce structure of DNA, build models - get at what it really means when we talk about the chromosomes replicating, etc.

May 23
More on DNA, chromosomes, etc. - this is really a period planned for spending more time on whatever has been difficult so far, TBD.

May 24
Mendelian genetics - go over pea plant experiments, use them to introduce vocabulary such as trait, allele, etc.

May 25
Reebops 1 - genes code for traits - have them choose genes randomly and build the parent reebops.

May 26
Field Trip to see Anne Frank play - will we have class?

May 27
Field Trip to see Ballet Hispanico - will we have class?

May 30
Memorial Day - no school

May 31
Reebops 2 - introduce Punnett Squares, have students mate their reebops on paper with other reebops and calculate the probability of different traits - if there is time, begin actual reebop mating & building of offspring...

June 1
State Social Studies Test - if we have class, continue with reebop mating - produce all offspring - keep records of genotype/phenotype.

June 2
State Social Studies Test - if we have class, introduce the concept of natural selection & a brief biography of Darwin

June 3
More on natural selection & evolution - do mouse camouflage activity from textbook.

June 6
Go over practice test materials & test-taking strategies...

June 7
Go over practice test materials & test-taking strategies...

June 8
D-Day: ILS EXAM Part 2 (Written)


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