Tuesday, September 27, 2005

THAT crazy person

I'm feeling a bit of the belligerent New Yorker today (muttering curses under my breath, walking really-really-fast-with-stiff-legs), and I don't want to bore you with an I-work-so-hard-and-my-shoulders-hurt post, so I'm just going to suggest that you take a look at a new blog instead. I won't tell you who it is, but I will tease you with this extremely sweet excerpt:
beyond that was my giddy disbelief in seeing Q's impossibly minute limbs darting into and out of the image, so that, unmistakably, irrevocably, all that I could think was this is my child dancing.

Awww. Go read it. The guy's probably going to be a good writer, though he swears he's never been good at journaling (neither have I, until now).


A laptop actually cut a child's hand today. And yes, I am embodying the laptop and assigning it active intent. I am beginning to think of them as evil monsters that sprout legs and toothy grins when I'm not looking, and occasionally play dead - always at crucial moments. Anyway, the keyboard had a missing key - we are missing lots of keys - and all of a sudden she shows me her hand and it is just streaming blood... turns out it was really nothing worse than a very dramatic paper cut, but still. The evil laptop monsters struck again.


Oops, I let out the belligerent New Yorker. Projects look nice typed, and computers are a fact of life - and for the most part, a good one - and I wouldn't want to go back to typewriters or writing everything by hand.


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