Wednesday, September 07, 2005

There is not enough

advil, echinacea, and orange juice in the wide world to make this cold go away. I'm home sick today; woke up feeling like death and figured I'd better miss the last day for teachers rather than the first day for students... but I was supposed to lead a PD session on eChalk and run a grade level meeting and work on collaborative planning with Mr. Richter. *sigh*

But I'm sure you'd rather read this week's very creative Carnival of Education than listen to me whine!

And while I'm on the topic, I'm hosting the Carnival next week, with a twist: it will be the First Day of School Edition. Please submit first day stories to me at ms[dot]frizzle[at]gmail[dot]com by Sunday, Sept. 11 at 11:59 pm. I'm looking for first day tales from teachers, administrators, parents, and students - and if your second or third day was more meaningful than your first, go ahead and bend the rules just a little! Thanks!


I've exhausted my ability to sleep - maybe a nap in a few hours. Some people watch daytime television when sick; the rest of us surf the internet. One's true nature is never abandoned.

I miss Lectrice but I'm happy to see that a friend of hers will take over Blackboard Jungle. Good luck to them both!

I'm applying to the Fulbright Teacher Exchange again. Currently strategizing about which countries to list and whether or not I have to write a new essay. The background for those who are new is that I was accepted for an exchange last year - which leads me to believe my essay was successful - but the exchange I was offered wasn't a good match, so I had to decline. My reasons for wanting to do it haven't really changed.... As for country choice, I could list countries that interest me that do more exchanges - such as the UK - or I could do as I did last year and list countries that interest me that I am less likely to visit on my own. The application materials also say that South Africa gives preference to teachers of science, math, history, and geography. The truth is, while certain countries interest me more than others, I really want to do the exchange and would consider just about anywhere. So this year, I think I should strategize a bit more in my choice of countries.

I'm also applying for the ARMADA Project, once applications become available in September. I'd love to go to Antarctica, but some of the other research projects look more interesting... I guess I can decide all that once I have the materials.


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