Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Sometimes one takes a perverse joy in rain falling hard all day. There were moments today, looking out at the drops pounding against the sidewalk, when I felt like my classroom was a haven.

But my morning commute took 1 hour and 40 minutes (instead of the usual 1 hour and 15 minutes) despite the fact that I left early and without having eaten, knowing the bus would be slow. I planned to stop at the supermarket and buy breakfast, coffee, and lunch, but the lady who works there is unbelievably slow-moving (WHY did they hire her for the morning commute shift?) and I waited 15 minutes while she argued about buttering a bagel with a woman in front of me in line and refused to let the rest of us fill our coffee cups while we waited. Then some lady decided she was more wet than the rest of us and shoved ahead of me in line to get on the bus, which pushed me quite close to my "now I'm the crazy New Yorker" boundary, and another teacher was absent so I had to cover her class when today was supposed to be my easy day when I get caught up on stuff... and the copier jammed in the middle of my copies - or, as the school aide put it in that tone "your papers made the copier jam" - so I would say that for the most part, there was no joy in Mudville.

Make that Puddleville; we don't really have mud here.

Someone high up in the DOE - one of Carmen Farina's deputies, I believe - visited my school today. She came during my coverage, so I really don't know how the visit went. We were introduced as I took my students down to lunch, and she was smiling, so that's good. Of course, no one is quite sure why we were blessed with her visit. From what I hear, it was quite thorough, and she visited every class that she could until the kids went to lunch and then she had to meet with my principal and then leave for downtown.

I guess I'll find out more on Friday.


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