Sunday, February 05, 2006

Friendship from a Distance

The second week of the Young Caucasus Women Project has started, with a mentor post asking the girls to think about friendships that take place across a distance (geographic or otherwise). Leyla responded, exploring the question of whether on-line or long-distance friendships are as real or as strong as friendships with people you see face-to-face on a regular basis. More discussion follows in the comments.

I've definitely formed friendships with people I met through the internet. Some have been easy-come, easy-go, but others seem likely to persist. I've also maintained friendships over long distances, though I agree with Leyla that distance can weaken ties. Certainly, there is nothing like sharing a coffee to keep a friendship strong.

I hope you'll go read the girls' posts tonight and over the next few days, and participate in the conversation.


Blogger Mrs. N said...

My husband and I were long-distance for most of the 4 years in college. We spent time keeping touch through IRC almost nightly, letter-writing 2-3 times per week, phone calls once per week, and then we saw each other over the holidays, maybe 3 times from summer to summer each year. It was hard, but we were committed, and we both stayed true. It helps that neither us were interested in dating around, drinking, partying, and were confirmed virgins for part of that.

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