Sunday, April 30, 2006

Web Designer Needed...

I might have a need in mid-to-late May for a few hours of time from a web designer with good aesthetic skills, an aversion to cluttered interfaces, and the ability to clearly explain things like owning one's own domain. I'd be willing to pay a (very) small fee or trade in-kind (I'm not sure what I have to offer but let's discuss it). Email me at ms [dot] frizzle [at] gmail [dot] com if you can help.


Blogger Vladimir said...

Hello, we are the Ukrainian team, we can make a new design of your website. If you are interested in this you can contact me (Vladimir) by ICQ 2176996015 or by email We can give you the examples of the websites that we can make (full flash or html). We are awating your reply and productive cooperation.

5:00 PM  
Blogger Little said...

NWP Portfolio Website:

Dear Sirs,

As a designer with actual hands on coding of Javascript along with intimate knowledge of graphic design, I am able to emulate the visual eye candy of Flash while greatly surpassing it in speed. Since Adobe has taken over Flash the program has been bloated in terms of system resources and price, and on websites it behaves in the same way, bogging down loading speeds. While it is true that Flash is superior in some ways, for example for embedding video games and other interactive media of that magnitude, it is sad that its abilities are vastly underused on many web designs and reduced to simple mouseover or image swap animations. For your prospective clients who wish to view your portfolio for the first time; a fast, convenient, and informative viewing experience is of key importance, rather than video game bells and whistles. NWP specializes in dynamically interactive and cinematic front end UI web designs. Pages come alive with hand coded javascript, bringing the entire page to life component by component, rather than just within one Flash frame. All websites come highly optimized for loading speeds and navigation. Portfolios are a specialty starting with our own.

Please use the link below to experience my personal portfolio. I hope you will see that Javascript bells and whistles are nothing to be considered lightweight, while the blazing fast and enjoyable loading speeds, in fact, are!
Nickys World Productions Portfolio
______ -------------------------------\=-_
|_______ \ \ \ \ \ \ ---- \ \ \ =-_ >
|_______ / / / / / / / / / _=

If my work interests you then please get in touch. All sites hand coded and most completed within a week. All work done on a remote basis only. Payment is accepted only AFTER completion of work. Price includes front end designs only. Flat fee paying gigs only please.

1:04 AM  
Blogger Search Engine Optimization said...

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