Friday, October 10, 2003

Logical Reasoning?

New York City has decided to give three assessments at different points throughout the year in Math and Reading to find out how the children are progressing towards passing the CTB-Math and CTB-Reading tests that they take in the spring. Okay, fine. If we're going to have all these standardized tests, we might as well check-in from time-to-time to see if our teaching is getting the kids any closer to passing. I can deal with that. Also, unlike previous years, they've actually let us know in which months these assessments will take place (notice I did not say in which week or day). However, the kids took the first Math assessment today, and it was un-timed. Now, I have nothing against un-timed standardized tests, and in fact, I think they're more fair, but here's the rub: the CTB is timed! That's one of the biggest problems for the kids: they run out of time. Will someone please tell me how much we are going to learn from an un-timed assessment about how well our students will do on a timed assessment??? I throw up my hands in disbelief!


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