Monday, October 27, 2003

Teacher Blogs As A Form of Collegiality?

Joanne Jacobs recently linked here and to a number of other teacher blogs (thanks for the referrals, Joanne!). She suggests that teacher blogs may become a way for teachers to share ideas with colleagues. I honestly hadn't thought of that when I started blogging; my intention was to give an insider's view of the public school system in NYC, since everyone has an opinion on education, but only some of us still go to school every day! Nevertheless, teacher blogs seem like a great resource for other teachers. I have seen several examples of idea-sharing as a result of blogging. Most recently, Math Teacher refers to my earlier post about teaching students to use textbooks effectively, an idea which he is planning to try out in his math classes.

I still consider myself a new teacher, though I am starting my fourth year. I love passing around resources and ideas. So, teachers & future teachers, take a look and respond to my next post, a poll.


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