Sunday, November 30, 2003

Cattle & Racecars

I ordered some supplies for my science classes a few weeks ago, a long list of stuff from a midwestern supply company. Bringing the cost up to several thousand dollars were a few head of cattle and two racecars! Now that it is almost time for delivery, it occured to me that we don't have anywhere to keep the cows, not even a field behind the school. I don't think anyone in my school is going to support me in this current project. So, I called the company and spoke to Barb, a middle-aged, somewhat heavyset woman wearing pink sweatpants. She has dark hair in big curls. She sat at her computer and went through my list with me, cancelling various parts of my order. When we got to the cattle and racecars, however, she said they'd already been shipped! My head began to spin as I imagined the scene at school when the truck pulled up and started dropping off very large cows. My head spun even faster when I remembered I'd gone into credit card debt to buy these things, and now I was sure I would not get reimbursed. I couldn't even remember what I thought I was going to do with cattle and racecars! I explained all this to Barb. She was sympathetic, but they'd already been shipped. She gave me the name of a racecar driver, Dale Savage, who might be interested in buying the two cars from me.

And then I woke up.


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