Monday, December 22, 2003

The Day We Were (almost) All Out Sick

a.k.a. So You Want To Work in a Small School...

We have, at my school, a total of ten staff members, including 6 full time teachers, 1 half-time teacher, 2 school aides, and our school director. One teacher is out on maternity leave (no real sub in sight), so we're down to nine for a few weeks. This morning, one teacher called in sick, another came to school but left after two periods, and another nearly called in because he was feeling under the weather. I also was not at 100% since I just got over a nasty cold. My school director had to leave the building for a mandatory principals' meeting at the Regional Office. A bunch of kids were also out sick (or on vacation), but not quite enough to balance the absence of two teachers and the school director! So, we pulled together and DEALT. I covered a class during my free period - and so did everyone else.

And did I mention that we were throwing a Christmas party for our students in the afternoon, a potluck lunch followed by movies & music? So, again, we dealt. A few parents showed up and helped serve food, kids set up tables in the hallway, banquet-style (not quite Hogwarts, I'm afraid!). And we all supervised the eating, movie-watching, dancing, and clean-up. A success? I'd say so.

The kids have started bringing in Christmas presents for their teachers... It is very sweet of them, since they don't have much extra money. That said, I get some pretty hideous stuff every year! Not quite sure where I'm going to put all these crystal angels! So, I thought I'd share this extremely mean website showcasing cheesy gifts, and then return to the more positive message, which is that the kids are very, very generous. And I do take it all in that spirit.


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