Monday, December 29, 2003

Merry, on the whole.

Two aunts, my grandmother, two yellow labs, and my sister's boyfriend all joined us for Christmas dinner. I made my occasional exception to vegetarianism and ate turkey (followed, on Dec. 26th, by hot turkey sandwiches.... mmmmmm.... I am a terrible vegetarian!). I gave one raspberry-colored merino wool sweater, one pretty t-shirt, a jazz CD collection, a wall mirror, a songbook, an emergency radio (well, what would YOU get someone leaving for the Peace Corps???), a collection of the year's best sportswriting, a four-leaf clover kit, a bonsai kit, a travel Yahtzee set, and a tin of holiday art projects.

It is funny how Christmas has changed as I've grown up. I used to get up at 6-something a.m. with my sisters and brother, and as I got older and realized how tired my parents were, I would delay things until around 7 am, when curiosity would get the best of me, too... Now, the earliest anyone wakes up in my family is 8:30 or so, and this year, we didn't start the day until around 10, and I think my parents were among the first up! I used to sit in the livingroom and tear through my presents, one after another, then sit, slightly bored, as my parents took their time, watched us open gifts, and then eventually unwrapped their own. Now I sit near the tree and help distribute presents, stopping to watch as each family member unwraps his or her present from me, hoping they will appreciate what I've found, taking my time in opening my own gifts. My mom sings in the church choir, now, while the rest of us hardly ever go to church, but, when we do go on Christmas, I actually look forward to dressing up, singing carols, seeing people from town.

This post was supposed to include a picture of my family's Christmas tree, as I am the proud owner of a digital camera! Unfortunately, I just discovered that I can't post pictures on blogger unless I find somewhere else to host them on-line. Any suggestions?


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