Sunday, January 25, 2004


1. Judge Judy. Talked to my principal about the whole abusive email situation. She said that the girl's mother is in denial* that her daughter regularly lies and steals, and told me to just disable the girl's account, no explanation necessary. Then when the girl tried to log in and asked why she couldn't, tell her, "The same person who got into {boy's} account must have gotten into yours... until we know who that was, I don't think we'll be able to fix yours." You can see the bind this places the girl in. I wasn't fully comfortable with this response, but after talking to my principal about it, I did what she said. I have not heard anything else from any of the kids or parents involved. I think that you can't teach children to be honest unless you are honest with them. Of course, sometimes the only way to learn not to lie is to be lied to yourself, and feel what that's like... Anyway, I'm uncomfortable with the situation where it stands right now, which is partly why I haven't given any updates recently. If anything new develops, I'll let you know.

2. South Beach Diet. I started losing weight after one week on the diet, and I have no weight to lose, so I stopped the diet... Unfortunately, after spending a week thinking about food 23 hours per day, the pendulum swung the other way for me and I have been the laziest eater on Earth for the last two weeks... popcorn for dinner last night! Hopefully I'll pull myself together this coming week.

V., on the other hand, is sticking to the diet, and has lost about half the weight he set out to lose, at a rate of 2 lbs. per week, feels like his energy levels are much more stable than they used to be, and can easily overcome whatever lingering carb cravings he has. South Beach seems to be working for him!

3. How do I find time to blog daily? Er... I don't have time, but I enjoy it, so I do it anyway. Plus, I'm young, no kids of my own, few responsibilities outside of my job... And, luckily, I'm a fast writer.

*Her daughter has been found, more than once, in possession of items - money, lunches, school supplies, etc. - that other children were missing, and which her mother admitted she had not purchased or given her daughter. Yet it took HOURS to convince her mother that she'd stolen these things.


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