Monday, February 02, 2004

Another Opinion

From Burning Inferno:

hey grundle, have you checked out any of these other blogs? it looks like the people that do this shit are almost as fucked up as you are. chekc out this one mr frizzle.

what a treehugger. she's probably one of those people who wears socks and sandals and sells burritos to fix her van. ooooooh look at me. i am a white woman teaching at a dangerous school. i grew up rich. i am earning my place in heaven. damn hippie. take a shower.

Reality check: Sort of a treehugger. Don't wear socks with sandals, though I know people who do. School isn't dangerous. Couldn't make a burrito if you paid me! No van (too much of a treehugger to own a car of any kind, actually). Grew up decidedly middle class (Dad's a public school principal), which might have looked rich to some.

Okay, so it seems that two different people post to Burning Inferno - the one who posted that little piece about me doesn't give much detail about HIS life, job, etc. But this is what his friend says: jobs. If I had any clue what I actually wanted to do with my life I suppose I would probably have something tangible to complain about. But, I really don't have a clue what I want to do. So I'm just bitter about the fact that I work 70 hours a week at a newspaper (sports....fucking sports) and a hospital (accounting stuff...fucking accounting stuff).

I've got a BA in journ. with a minor in English, and I've always loved books. (note to anyone who may actually read this trash: if you work in publishing at a semi respectable firm/house - hell I don't care if it's even respectable at this point - give me a holler. I have no problem being your bitch. none.)

Ever thought about teaching? If you don't like your current job, and you don't like the fact that a lot of teachers in inner-city schools are white hippie(?) women from rich(?) backgrounds, then why not step up to the plate yourself? With the journalism BA I'm guessing you're not anti-education, though you might have issues with how schools operate today. Teach English, or high school journalism, or social studies.

This is the bottom line: New York City's public schools need thousands of teachers. There just aren't enough teachers from minority backgrounds becoming teachers and teaching in the city.* I'm sure it WOULD be better for the kids if more of their teachers shared their background and experiences. But right at the moment, there are barely enough people of any background coming to teach in the city! So, it's pointless to criticize unless you're either a teacher yourself or on your way to becoming one or doing something else to change the situation.

*NYC has a higher proportion of non-white teachers than most parts of the United States.


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