Friday, February 06, 2004

Entire School Gets Up on Wrong Side of Bed

Man, was everyone grouchy today. The kids would not respond to anything I did and were irritable with each other; this annoyed me, so I got grouchy, which just made them grouchier. Vicious circle. I get into this circle every once in a while and always feel bad about it. It helped when I realized that all the kids, in all the classes, were just grumpy today, and will probably be fine again on Monday. Maybe it was the freezing rain and dark skies. Maybe it was one more winter Friday. The day ended with a fight between two of our boys in front of our exit... we only have three fights a year, so this proved to me that something was just not right with the world today.

On the bright side, I posted our teacher recruitment ad in a few places on-line and resumes have been pouring in! I was a little concerned that we would have trouble finding people since we have so many positions open... but it looks like that won't be a problem.

Off to see Big Fish...


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