Sunday, February 15, 2004


Our kitten is a little girl named Valentine, orange and small and delicate in features... she came from a friend of a friend who is a pet sitter and had Valentine basically dumped on her, when her owners just left her and disappeared. Much as she is an animal lover, she can't keep every single cat that someone irresponsibly leaves behind. So, we are adopting this little kitty.

V. saw Triplets of Belleville a couple of months ago, when it first came out, while I was out of town. When he told me he'd seen "an animated adult movie" called Triplets of Belleville you can guess what I imagined.... I saw it Friday night. For the uninitiated, Triplets is an animated feature about a Tour de France cyclist, his grandmother, his sweet-loving dog, the cabaret-singing triplets, and how they join forces to outsmart the French-wine-mafia... It has very little dialogue, some catchy tunes in gibberishe, and is a smart, funny look at a world just slightly off-kilter from ours. My burning question for those who have seen the movie: Did the animators intend the smoke stacks on the ship to look like the Twin Towers? Similarly, did anyone catch the letters "WTC" on the keys which Grandma steals from the mobster?

Anyway, Triplets of Belleville has now been nominated for an Oscar, so it is likely to show on a few more screens than it otherwise would have. I highly recommend seeing it when you get the chance!


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