Sunday, March 21, 2004

The Web

When I first started blogging, I searched for other blogs by teachers, and found a few (very few), and through them, found sites like Number2Pencil and Joanne Jacobs, and over the next few months, found myself a part of a small cluster of sites with lots of inter-linking. It seemed to me that blogs on education fell into three general categories - teachers blogging about teaching, teachers using blogs in the classroom & blogging about it, and political blogs about education. I was surprised to find that most of the blogs I found in the third category were conservative in nature. Where were the liberal education bloggers?

Personally, I consider my teaching itself to be a political act. Providing the best education I can to the students in my classroom - who are the very students at the center of many of the education debates, being from low-income families, African-American & Latino, and urban - is the most immediate action I can take towards changing our society for the better. Beyond that, I am still forming opinions on education policy. My gut feelings are often liberal, and my actions are at times conservative.

Interesting how the web splits off into little clusters of links. One or two websites that I discovered lately have led me to the liberal education bloggers whom I knew were out there somewhere. I am happy to have a very diverse range of opinions on my blogroll, as I find myself agreeing with almost everyone at least occasionally! Take a peek at Teachers Speak Out for an interesting blog written by a group of concerned teachers in Milwaukee, and School Lunch for perspectives on education policy.


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