Monday, April 19, 2004

The Meeting

Met with the superintendent, my principal, the mother of one of my students, and the student himself. The superintendent was acting neutral, but clearly understood (if any of us do) what was going on. The mother insisted that she knows her son, he does all his homework, he couldn't possibly lose it between home and school, and that "something is going on." She refuses to believe anything we tell her about her son's behavior - he's not even doing anything so terrible, just odd stuff - and has turned a pretty small thing into a huge issue. She has implied that we are racist, that we pick on her son, and that we are wicked in the eyes of God. I stayed pretty quiet at the meeting, letting my principal and our superintendent do the talking. I could tell that my principal was getting pissed when the parent claimed that the Social Studies teacher said her son does ALL his homework - even though we had documentation that he had not done Social Studies homework at times. Of course, after the meeting, when I asked the Social Studies teacher about it, he was like, "What is she talking about?" Anyway, we left it that we will communicate with her on a daily basis through her son's agenda, so that we can clear up any miscommunications about homework immediately. The woman has started photocopying her son's homework to prove that he does it, she comes very close to accusing us of lying, yet stops short. Whatever, it's over, for now.


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