Friday, April 16, 2004


The most eventful thing that happened today was that my bra came completely unsnapped right in the middle of teaching! Oh my god, I was horrified! I was picking up some papers from my desk, when - snap! Yes, these moments do happen. It's inevitable. A friend of mine once nearly had her pants fall off in front of a middle school class...

So, anyway, I went over the homework keeping my arms firmly - but hopefully not conspicuously - crossed in front of my chest. Then I got them started on their labs, and sneaked over to the door, hoping to pop into the next room, fix the problem, and pop back in before anyone was the wiser. This plan was foiled by a conference of four teachers standing in the hallway outside my room. So, instead, I beckoned to a colleague to cover my class long enough for me to head to the ladies room.

Good grief.

Our experiments were fun, by the way. Each group chose a variable to test whether it would affect how fast substances dissolve. We had groups testing water temperature, type of solute, type of solvent, stirring/not stirring, crushed/whole Tums & sugar cubes, and other variables. It was messy, one thermometer broke, three stopwatches ran out of battery life, and one Tums-vinegar reaction created a baby-blue foam mushroom in a beaker.... oh yeah.

On Monday, I collect 110 lab reports (first drafts). Yes, I know about staggering assignments, but honestly, I'd still be way behind.


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