Sunday, May 16, 2004


Urged to action by Math Teacher, I am once again shining my blog-light on one of the Insignificant Microbes on the Truth Laid Bear's Ecosystem.

There at the bottom of the Ecosystem, squirming on a slide, I discovered Typical. Typical, best I can tell, is a libertarian, who posts libertarian opinions on diverse topics, ranging from the March for Women's Lives to testifying before the 9/11 commission.

Imagine my surprise when I looked a bit higher up the Ecosystem and discovered Pregnant Pauses, a blog which I have been reading occasionally for a month or two, ever since she linked to me. Here's a quote:

There have been some crows having a big argument outside of our window for the past hour or so. J. says, "What do you think they are arguing about?" I said, "They want food, but they don't want to go to Taco Bell."

I know there are a few new educators out there that I ought to have linked to by now... I'll get to y'all soon, I promise!

And in other news... I found a sublet in SF for July! (And my roommate's brother is going to take my room, so that's fabulous). It's a friend of a friend's place, and very, very close to the Exploratorium, so for once in my life, I'll have an easy commute. I would have loved to live in the Mission, but this is much more practical and $100 less than I pay per month right now. And I will be able to run in the Presidio.


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