Friday, June 25, 2004

C'est finis!

The last day!

I spent most of the day interviewing prospective teachers from the Teaching Fellows and Teach For America. The Fellows sent us three Science applicants. One said "bitch" twice in the interview and also made a comment that was pretty much sexual harrassment. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt but when I told my colleagues the story, they didn't. I don't feel like repeating it all here. The other two candidates were pretty good. Now we have some decisions to make. I finally am starting to see myself as a future, um, department head. I will definitely be working with two brand new teachers and will need to provide them with a lot of support and leadership. That's exciting and will also be challenging.

While I was helping to interview candidates, my students watched a video on Simple Machines and played SET. Another teacher and I were both addicted to this as kids, and now we have finally succeeded in hooking the seventh graders - and some of the sixth graders - on SET. I would love to see it become the next big thing in the Bronx, but I might have to settle for the next big thing in our school.

I said goodbye to the babies and sent them off to their summers. I will miss them. Then I finished packing up my room for the summer and had a conversation about who we are going to hire with my colleagues.

And then I went over to J's house and we set up for a big ol' party. It was a really nice time - lots of snacks and wine, everyone in a good but not crazy mood, some discussion of school and nearly all of it positive. Best of all - BEST of all - the new teachers that we have already said yes to came! So far we have three TFA teachers. Yes, next year fully half of our staff will be brand spankin' new teachers. But these three seem special. They're kids, and I say that as someone who was one of them only a few years ago. They're going to need a lot of help. But they are enthusiastic and smart and kind and funny, and they fit right in to our last day of school party. Another teacher whom we hired, who has five years of experience, was also there. She's pretty cool, too; I took a class with her at Teachers College last year. It was a very good time - I can't wait for next year! I can't wait to get my Science group together and get down to work!

And in less than 24 hours I will be on a flight to San Francisco, perhaps the best part of all!


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