Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I have made a little movie...

entitled, "Becoming Scientists: Preparing for the Science Expo." Given that we only actually filmed at the very beginning of the process, this movie is destined never to be seen by the general public, but it has served its purpose: material for me to chop and dice while learning Adobe Premiere.

My movie has a title! It has credits! It has cute little rotating cube transitions! It has very poor sound! It is choppy as hell!

I still don't know how to do some really basic stuff that would probably make my life much easier, but on the whole, I'm rather fond of this program and confident that with another day's reading of the instruction manual, I will learn all that and more.

The one thing I am specifically thinking about - for all you filmmakers out there who said you could give pointers - is how to insert a clip before the other clips and have everything slide down together. I have had to resort to moving each of the other clips one at a time. I suspect the answer lies with the ripple edit, but I haven't been able to make it work...

Tomorrow, some of my students begin shooting (film! don't get the wrong idea!).

I have projects planned for myself for the summer... I want to get good at this - it's fun.


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