Wednesday, August 18, 2004

IMHO Event for Bloggers

IMHO: Discussing Blogs, Politics, and Culture is a panel that will take place on August 31st (during the RNC) as part of the Imagine festival at PS 122. It seems like it will mostly be political bloggers - that is, bloggers who write about the government, the war, etc. (I consider my blog political, in its own way, in the sense of "the personal is political"). I am going to try to attend.

And here's an article on teachers who use blogs in their classrooms. If I were an English teacher in NYC, using the Writer's Workshop model, I would give my students the option of using blogs as their writing journals. I would definitely have some conversations and set some guidelines about conventions of writing and the place of abbreviations like "btw" and "imho" in blogging and other genres. If I understand Writer's Workshop correctly, first drafts aren't supposed to stress correct grammar and spelling because the students choose pieces to edit, revise, and rewrite in a series of drafts. The only way to become a writer is to write, regularly, and I think keeping a blog could be a way for some students to start writing regularly.


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