Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Teacher Education

I mailed in my registration coupon for UFT professional development classes for the fall. My first choice - "Theater Across the Curriculum" - will include four "actual theater experiences." The class will focus on using drama and theater across the curriculum, in conflict resolution, and to teach multiculturalism. I'm pretty excited about the course, and it also happens to be 3 units for only $145. If I don't get into that class, my second choice was "Camping: A Bridge to Understanding" which includes one overnight camping trip and focuses on why and how to take groups of kids on camping trips. I will not be disappointed if I end up in that class instead of the theater class!

I may also be taking a class at Teachers College, either "Health Education for Teachers" or "Development of Creativity." I don't know much about either of those classes yet.

I like learning and taking classes... but I don't like the pressure on teachers to constantly take classes - at your own expense - in order to move up the salary schedule.


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