Wednesday, August 11, 2004

I met with the third science teacher today...

and it was another really productive meeting. He came with questions - about the school, about teaching science, about teaching in general. I am so excited to be working with these two new teachers! They are both motivated and seem to have good instincts for what they need to know before school starts.

Mr. Richter - as he shall be known in the blog - will be teaching 7th grade Earth Science, along with a new class called "Technology."

I have been hanging out a lot - going to the beach, having lunch, etc. - with Ms. Pascal, my friend and colleague who will be teaching 8th grade Math this year.

Ms. Yeats - Communication Arts, not sure what grade - is travelling in China with her boyfriend.

I don't really know the other new teachers yet, so I can't christen them on the blog. Still, suggestions for Social Studies, Math, and CA names are welcome! I imagine you get the general drift of my naming convention by now...


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