Thursday, September 02, 2004

New York's skies are full this week. This blimp floats over Madison Square Garden, and helicopters buzz over midtown and my neighborhood. Since 9/11, I have grown accustomed to helicopters hovering over the scene of any disaster, event, or important person's arrival, yet the constant presence of helicopters this week makes it impossible to take a break from thinking about the convention and accompanying protests. I went to sleep the other night to the sound of sirens and helicopters, around midnight. It's hard to describe the mix of worries that I feel at times like that. Since September 11th, it's been impossible not to brace yourself for the worst upon hearing unusual amounts of police or firefighter activity, and knowing that the convention could be the stage for an attack doesn't help. At the same time, I fear for the protesters who seem so vulnerable, even though they are putting themselves on the front lines, so to speak. And I fear for the police, because most of them are good, hard-working people and I want to be able to believe in the humanity of my city and my society. And I work hard to avoid feeling overly afraid - but these anxieties do swell up at times. Posted by Hello


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