Saturday, December 11, 2004

My Fulbright Interview...

is in two hours. I am only now starting to get nervous. They sent me a list of questions that are typically asked; it seems that they want evidence that you are reflective about your teaching, able to adapt to a situation different from what you are used to, and emotionally tough and resilient. I can handle that. I OVER-think my teaching. I moved to New York to teach in the Bronx and stuck it out through that first miserable year and a second, less miserable but still rough year, and here I am, five years later. The city was all about culture shock, but now I love it. I have worked in two different school situations that each posed a completely different set of challenges, and I have managed to work with a wide range of personalities and educational philosophies. My attitude towards these things is always that of confidence: I'm going to walk in there, answer their questions honestly, be friendly and smart, keep things positive, and with any luck, they'll see me as a good candidate. I haven't figured out how to be anyone but myself. Wish me luck. Okay, now I'm getting really nervous. I have to iron something to wear.


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