Monday, February 21, 2005


I can't get TurboTax to work on my computer. It worked fine last year; this year, it keeps crashing. Then again, my computer is not the healthiest little box of transistors this side of Seattle...

So, while I await with baited breath the opportunity to give the government my money, here's what I've done with my vacation so far:

Buddy Miller was a good show. He's a sort of country/roots-rock type. I brought P. along and was a bit nervous because although I am constantly amazed that I'm not a church-choir-singing fiddle-playing country girl, I realize this is not everyone's cup of tea. I think he liked but didn't love the show, fine with me. Buddy and his wife Julie were nominated for a Contemporary Folk Music Oscar a few years ago, and he was nominated in the Gospel & Bluegrass category this year. As he says, when he lost the first Oscar to Dylan, well, that was practically winning in itself! Ollabelle opened, a very cute Americana band whom I've been trying to see for a few months. Buddy Miller came out in his trucker's cap and played several songs with them, quietly playing guitar, not hogging the spotlight in any way. I liked that. Then he and his band came out. They played a lot of covers - Taj Mahal, Dylan (With God on Our Side), and others - and some songs written by Julie, and some of their own songs. It was a completely non-hip crowd, which is refreshing. People shouted comments and suggestions to the band, and, more often than not, they got an answer, a story, a request played.

Last night, I watched How to Draw a Bunny, a documentary about the artist Ray Johnson, whose collages are beautiful and humorous, and who lived his life as a piece of performance art, up to and including his death. He must have been in a lot of pain and very isolated, yet that was a life he chose or did not know any other way to live. I've seen a lot of art recently that is beautiful to look at but has so little to say - it's like really, really cool wallpaper - and I have to say that this man's work fascinates me, because it seems simple and yet contains depth and meaning.

There's something to celebrate in blogland!


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