Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Quick Note

I never, never blog from school, but I have ten minutes left before my next class, and everything is prepared, and it's not quite enough time to start any grading projects, so here I am. I tried posting last night from home but my internet was uncooperative, and tonight is already looking pretty busy...

The list of things I WANT to blog about is long, and growing longer:

1. The regional superintendent visited last Thursday.
2. Having the kids write lesson plans, teach, and assign & grade homework is both cute and a great way to make my own workload lighter! Then again, in about a week I will have to start assessing their work as teachers, so it will all even out in the end.
3. How does the (corporate self-help) book "Good To Great" apply to schools? To my school?
4. Why, why, why do we spend so much time discussing what is required on an informative and attractive bulletin board, when I came in Monday morning to find that several fish projects had been ripped off my bulletin board over the weekend?
5. More staff PD on accountable talk... some colleagues are doing amazing work.
6. I got a phone call from the Fulbright program. They're very concerned about housing costs in the area. This is either a sign that they are close to matching me with an exchange partner, or that the NYC housing market is going to screw me over... again.
7. One PE class: 1 nosebleed, 1 twisted ankle, 1 sprained wrist, 1 asthma attack.
8. We have started planning for the Science Expo.

Off to class!


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