Saturday, April 30, 2005

Spoof Emails

I fell for a spoof email for the first time today. Luckily, a few warning bells had gone off, so although it tricked me for a few minutes, I didn't give anyone any personal info or anything. The email claimed to be from eBay. It warned me that someone was using my account to place fraudulent bids, and provided a link to follow to rectify the situation. Everything in the email was spelled correctly, the sender email address looked plausible, the URL provided looked real, they used eBay's logo, it made it into my inbox instead of getting caught by the junkmail filters... The threat to suspend my account in 48 hours seemed a little overwrought, and it seemed like it was leading to a site where I would be asked to "verify" my account info, so I had my guard up... but I clicked the link. Bad, bad. Never click links from suspicious emails. Luckily, this one led only to an error message. I went to eBay's security site, read their spoof email tutorial (which is awesome!) and discovered a screenshot of the very same email I'd received. *sigh* It's an arms race.


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