Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Funny? Funny!

(1) Funny?

Boy in Health class: "Which is better, pads or tampons?"

Ms. Frizzle: "Well, that's a personal decision. Some of the things women often think about are... blah, blah, blah."

Same Boy (cutting teacher off): "No, which do you use?"

Ms. F: "That question is far too personal. I am not going to answer it. Calls on another student.

(2) Funny!

Yesterday, after I dismissed my first 8th grade class and began my 6th grade health class, I noticed the head from our human body torso model sitting on one of the back tables.

Ms. F: "How'd that get there?"

Students: "It was there when we got here!" a bit defensively

I put it back on it's neck, shaking my head.

Today, after that same 8th grade class left the room, I went back to get some materials that I needed during my prep. There was the head, sitting on top of the overhead projector on the front, middle table.

I put it back and said nothing. I'm willing to play head games with my 8th graders!


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