Monday, May 30, 2005

A Looong Long Weekend

Memorial Day: barbecues, sleeping in, suntanning, family, friends - right? Um, no.

We took our entire school to see Ballet Hispanico on Friday - which was terrific - and then several of us went to the home of a colleague, drank some wine, ate snacks, played board games, and got the weekend off to a terrific start. All throughout the evening, though, I felt my allergies growing strangely worse... until I realized that I was getting a terrible cold.

I woke up on Saturday sick as a dog, stayed in the house all day ripping through kleenexes like they were going out of style. Meanwhile, my roommate was packing to move to Santa Fe and from there to Africa. Sunday, I managed to leave the house for brunch with friends and to spend time with my parents, who turned up unexpectedly. And today, I helped A. move out and then swept and mopped up the copious amounts of cat hair and dust unearthed by the moving. The farther you go from my house, the easier it is to breathe. I'm sure the CDC has noted a sudden increase in asthma attacks on a particular block in the East Village... Now my new roommate and old friend S. is moving in, and I have to get some lessons planned for the week ahead. I'm on the fence about whether to do test prep (one week left before the ILS exam) or evolution... and although I feel better, I don't feel great, so I'm keeping open the possibility that I might want to just show a video tomorrow. Luckily, at school I have a couple of tapes of old NOVA episodes on Lucy and other aspects of human evolution.

Well, off to heat up soup and make a stab at planning.


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