Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Just in case anyone was wondering how teachers spend their summers...

My summer plans are starting to fall into place. Let me rephrase that: my summer is starting to look incredibly short.

School ends June 28. This is the time of year when I am insanely jealous as one teacher after another wraps up the year, while we still have weeks to go. Still, it always passes quickly, and May has been a blink of an eye so far.

I have about a week free - might do something with family for July 4th, might stay here & celebrate with friends. After July 4th, my staff is coming back to school for two weeks of curriculum planning & other work (including cleaning & moving into new classrooms - we are shifting our space yet again). We will be working 4 hour days. The week after that, I will be at the University of Connecticut for Confratute. The last week in July, I will fly out to Northern California for a 4-day geology course on volcanism in the Southern Cascades. It's incredibly affordable and I get credit!!! After that, I will either stay in the area and do a road trip around the Pacific Northwest, or I will come back to NYC for a professional development course at Wave Hill (also cheap, also credit). Then I have a week or so free, then we return to school for two more weeks of 4-hr. days - Teacher Orientation followed by Student Orientation - and then a couple days of DOE PD (that's Department of Education Professional Development for the uninitiated), then the start of school.

During the time I'm in NYC, I'm planning to either volunteer on tall ships in the harbor or volunteer at HousingWorks Used Bookstore & Cafe (or both).



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